Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Mihiretu has taken to standing stock still, arms firmly at his sides, eyes directed determinedly skyward, and pronouncing, "I goin', Mama."

To which I say, "You ARE growing, Mihiretu! I can practically see you growing right now!"

He then redoubles his growing efforts, his body so tense and focused that it shakes a little, eyes fiercely upward. "I goin' NOW, Mama." If there's a step nearby, he'll climb it. "See?"

All that goin' has made for a tall, lanky boy. A boy that looks his almost four years. When I tell him that one day he'll be taller than me, he laughs and shakes his head. "You tick me, Mama." And when I assure him that I'm not tricking, that someday he'll probably be as tall as Dad, he puffs his chest and looks once more towards the heavens, ever more fixed on his goal. That's something to shoot for.

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