Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little fish

Mihiretu was in the bath not long ago, and having bored with filling and pouring out the stacking cups, he moved on to exploring his penis. Bent over almost in half, he pulled back the foreskin once, twice, three times before he could finally get a good look at the pink little something underneath. It kept slipping in his grasp until at last, after many tries, he got a good grip. After a moment of close examination, he sat up triumphantly and, with a thrill of discovery, shouted, "Fish!"

Yesterday Ben and Mihiretu had some rare time alone together. They rode on Ben's bike to downtown Willow Glen, our little city within the big city of San Jose, to get some lunch. Standing in the middle of a long line at the bagel shop, Ben tried to figure out what Mihiretu might like. While he'll eat pretty much any real food you put in front of him (fruit, vegetables, meat), he's not the biggest fan of bread. He has, in the past, enjoyed lox so Ben asked, "Mihiretu, would you like fish?"

He looked at Ben in great consternation, then looked down at his crotch. Putting his hands on his zipper, he asked wonderingly, "Fish?"

The crowd, who really is always watching, laughed in unison.

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  1. Oh, that's too funny. Boys and their privates!

    Ruth Branson